SAB Aerospace s.r.o. presented the job opportunities at the student job fair „Den Firem 2023,“ organized by the Technical University of Brno (VUT), School of Mechanical Engineering. In total, more than 60 industrial companies from the Czech Republic took the opportunity to address the young technical talents.

During the all-day job fair, hundreds of students, mostly mechanical engineers studying the Aerospace program, came to apply for SAB´s vacancies published at the company social media or to get general information about the job opportunities at SAB. Nowadays, our HR department receives job applications for the announced full-time and part-time jobs.
The SAB office, located only less than one hundred meters from the VUT premises, provides an excellent opportunity to combine students‘ lectures and work in one day.

This school year, i.e. 2022/23, there was introduced a new Master’s study programme Space Applications at the VUT. We believe the new study program will bring even more ties between the VUT and SAB, not only through job acquisition, but also by cooperation on master theses, R&D projects, and deep cooperation of the experts on testing of the SAB´s space structures at the VUT`s specialized aerospace laboratories.