Our SSMS dispenser played a crucial role in the upcoming VV23 space flight.


“The smallest classes of satellites – all the way down to tiny CubeSats , built from 10cm modular boxes – have typically ‘piggybacked’ to orbit. They have to make use of any spare capacity as a single large satellite is launched, meaning their overall launch opportunities are limited. The new Vega Small Spacecraft Mission Service switches this into a ‘ride-share’ model, with multiple small satellites being flown together, splitting the launch cost,” commented Giorgio Tumino, managing ESA’s Vega and Space Rider programmes.
SAB Aeropsace in the Czech Republic and Bercella in Italy designed and manufactured this modular dispenser for ESA’s Vega prime contractor Avio. The component structures are made of very low-density aluminium sandwich panels protected by carbon fibre reinforced polymer skins. This makes it very lightweight and rigid.
The SSMS comprises two main sections, the hexagonal lower section takes up to a dozen CubeSats or 6 small satellites while the upper section is used for micro, minisatellites and small satellites. Both sections can also be used independently.” (source, ESA)