Who we are?

We are a space company and we try to stretch the boundaries. We are located in the Czech Republic in Brno. A few meters away are our own ISO 8 laboratories.

What do we do?

 We develop! We start with a sheet of plain and we try to develop the best solution for the European Space Agency (ESA). Our main domain is mechanical systems. We also have our own procurement and quality control. We have the components we develop manufactured by proven partners and then we assemble and test them in our laboratories. A complete product leaves us.

What are we working on?

 We supply the upper part of the VEGA rocket. We are responsible for the development and delivery of one of the modules for the PLATO satellite,  which will operate at L2 to discover Exoplanets. We have also joined the Exomars 2020 mission.

But there is much more and we need help, so we are looking for another colleague.


Your responsibilities

• Preparing and coordinating calls for tenders/call for proposals in line with standard best practices

• Taking part in the sub-contractors selection process  (e.g. publication, organization of and assistance to evaluation boards, selection process, contract/grant award and signature)

• Managing cooperation with sub-contractors

• Interfacing with relevant stakeholders, including project officers, finance department, economic operators, auditors

What knowledge and skills should you have

• A Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification in an engineering discipline.

• At least 1 year in relevant professional working experience or knowledge of relevant technical domains.

• Ability to manage relationships between the technical team and the customer as well as good communication skills.

• Result-oriented approach to work in a multi-discipline project environment.

• Ability to plan, schedule, coordinate and problem-solve effectively.

• Ability to prepare technical documentation, reports.

• Fluency in spoken and written English


We value:

• Previous experience with ESA projects.

• Previous experience related to mechanical subsystems.



Please send your CV to Office Manager Jana at .

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